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What Will You Gain From The Coaching Session?


One-on-One Zoom Coaching

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about international manufacturing the right way through ZOOM.


Strategic Development

Strategy is the key to success. With years of experience, i’ll show you how to build strategic relationships with your manufactures.


Connection Introductions

We’ll introduce you to our manufacturing partners and material suppliers to facilitate your international manufacturing.


Private Facebook Community

Receive an invite to my Fashion Knowledge Private Facebook Group where you’ll get to network with like-minded individuals.

Are you ready to scale your fashion ideas with my extensive manufacture network in china?

A coaching session with us could save you a years worth of costly mistakes in the fashion business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fashion Knowledge Network do?

We empower your international manufacturing process to save your time and money. Fashion product development and manufacturing is our speciality. Here at Fashion Knowledge Networking, we provide one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions where we teach you: Setting up a critical Product Development Path, Product Range Coaching, Material Sourcing, Manufacturer Sourcing, Product Development Budgeting Strategy, Negotiating with Foreign Suppliers, and Quality Assurance Coaching.

How does the process work?

Our 6 step process, has helped launch international brands around the world. Here is how it works:

1.) We’ll help you setting up a critical product development path that will guide you through developing your product range.

2.) Material sourcing is the key to success in manufacturing and production for your product. We’ll show you how to do it right.

3.) Once you have your materials sourced, we will help you find and build relationships with Chinese manufactures.

4.) Once those elements are completed, Its time to manage your product development budget. How much can you produce?

5.) Relationships strategies are important. We will show you how to build them with foreign suppliers.

6.) Before delivering your end product, you will need to make sure you have quality assurance. A happy customer makes a happy business.

What are your qualifications?

I have worked with major brands as well as young start up brands in the premium and mid market segment in Europe and North Amercia for 11 years. Today, I currently serve as the Board of Director of EO China East chapter in Shanghai. EO is a leading worldwide organization for entrepreneurs with over 12,000 members around the globe. I am also a member of Fashion Takes Action (FTA), a leading fashion network in Canada.

I also Cofounded in the UK.

Do you do discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes. I can customize the hours into a monthly coaching or project based request. Contact


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