6-Step High-Performance Process

Our Process.

Understanding Manufacturing In China Has Never Been Easier.

Learn the entire process of effective manufacturing within a few hours!


We’ll help you setting up a critical product
development path that will guide you through
developing your product range.


Sourcing the right and sustainable material

is the key to success in manufacturing and

production for your product.

We’ll show you how to do it right.


Once you have your materials sourced,
we will help you find and build relationships
with Chinese manufacturers.


Once those elements are completed,
Its time to manage your product development
budget. How much can you produce?


Relationships strategies are important.
We will show you how to build them with
Chinese suppliers.


Before delivering your end product,
you will need to make sure you have quality assurance.
A happy customer makes a happy business.

The Fashion Knowledge Network
Scale-up Plan

Standard Pricing: – $6,000

The Fashion Knowledge Network is ready to connect you to the information and resources you need to learn the entire process of manufacturing in China in the most cost-effective, high-quality, and set-for-scale way.

Product Development

  • Done-For-You Product Development Time Table (don’t miss deadlines, generate more revenue with faster turnaround times, and can keep enough supply to match growing demand).
  • Coaching to streamline your product line based on your brand’s strengths, budget, and market opportunities. 
  • Contingency plan to keep your supply chain safe

Relationship Development

  • Comprehensive list of all suppliers and manufacturers interested in working with you to meet your needs.
  • Direct introductions to the material suppliers and manufacturers you choose to work with that can create your product effectively without compromising price or quality.
  • In-house sample reviews at Cheng Kung, the 42 year old family OEM business I operate.
  • Communication guide so you know how to avoid miscommunications and get the best out of new manufacturing partners, both domestic and international.

Business Development

  • International distribution opportunities, especially for brands entering the Asian marketplace.
  • Competitive analysis so you can model your brand after other success stories in your niche.
  • Expansion plan for reviewing suppliers and your relationships with them at key milestones during the growth of your brand so you’ll never have setbacks as you grow.

Our Communication With You:

  • Introductory and Follow-Up Consultations (two hour-long conference calls).
  • Weekly Email Updates (including milestones and next steps).
  • Templates and Additional Resources Provided For You.

We'll Teach You How To Scale Your Fashion Ideas With My Extensive Manufacture Network In China!

We provide expert advice, coaching, and results driven solutions and methods to help your fashion business to grow. Our team our experts from different parts of the World can give you a World view and a World Class solutions.

The 8 Golden Rules of
Product Development and Production!

1. Set a Time Table
Without a proper time table to as a guide you will miss important deadlines!

2. Start Early!
Being early in your development is just as important as the time table!

3. Know Your Suppliers and Their People
Know your suppliers inside out!

4. Set Pricing and Budget
Knowing the price you can sell for and the cost and having a proper budgeting plan is the lifeline of your business!

5. Be Clear and Exact of What You Want!
Being clear on what you want so people don’t have to guess!

6. Have Backup Plans
Got to be prepared for black swans!

7. Foster Trust and Respect
It’s a small world out there, so build relationships!

8. Keep Learning
Even though it is not as fast as the tech industry, there are many new things to learn everyday!

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