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I’m very excited to have Sophie Tsuei, founder of MindFullness, 13 in 31 sustainable fashion campaign, and Fashion Revolution Day Shanghai to share with us on this issue of The Fashion Knowledge Report™! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

  1. You weren’t from the fashion field, what draws you to do 13 in 31 and Fashion Revolution Day
    We chose this topic because we all live in China, and we’d like to solve the pollution problem by consumerism change. So fashion came up to our mind not only that  it’s the second largest industry in pollution, but also everyone as individual can easily participate in changing it since we all have to wear clothes every day.
  2. What are two main challenges you are facing when promoting sustainable fashion life style in China ?
    First challenge is that consumers are still at very initial stage of understanding sustainable fashion, so it will take more efforts to explain in details. The second challenge would be that it is against the overwhelmed fast fashion retailing environment. However, most consumers in China we reached comprehend & embrace the concept of sustainable fashion quickly, as they can see the environment impact & supply chain unjustification within the nation so they have more empathy on the issues.

    We made 8 articles within a month to educate consumers. From minimalism to sustainable fashion. In order to keep the users highly motivated, we posted a tagline about sustainable lifestyle philosophy everyday. Also hosting or co-hosting four workshops/seminars within a month. With efforts by 30 volunteers we made it!

  3. How do you see sustainable lifestyle fashion can go deep into smaller tier two and three cities in China?
    Definitely a trend to rise up. However if the message wanted to become more effective it is better to correlate with local impact. Take the organic cotton T-shirt for example, a retailer in Wu Han (tier 2 city) messaged its T-shirt are made of local organic cotton, and became a success among locals.
  4. Whats your next step or milestone ?
    Participation will be the key measurement of what we have done and will do. We hope those 700+ challengers can be a first batch of advocates and more will join. Hopefully when it comes to end of year we will have 10x in taking real action with this movement, which means we will need to broadcast to more people !!!

Thanks Sophie and MindFullness for all your hard work!!!

We will be sending out this report about every two weeks.  The Fashion Knowledge Network is ready to connect you to the information and resources you need to learn the entire process of manufacturing in China in the sustainable, cost-effective, high-quality, and set-for-scale way!

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