I’m super excited to have Alan Hau, an internationally acclaim designer, creative, entrepreneur, and speaker to share with us on the 2nd part of this special issue of The Fashion Knowledge Report™! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

Today’s entrepreneurs all have a purpose for the greater good. How are you seeing purpose is being communicated across in fashion brands, examples?

I believe without purpose, there is no soul especially for a brand. Purposeful communication can add value but do it wrong then it can have a debilitating effect. Purpose is all about our core values. The core values I’ve always thought of myself as disruptive ever since I founded my first startup, but disruptive in a positive way I’d like to put it. I think at the first instance, ideas should be founded upon a purpose and not about gains in a monetary sense and this is very important, entrepreneurs should start a business with an authentic purpose such as to make things better, make our lives easier, or the society better. Once we have a purpose, we go and do it for the greater good, if it works, if it makes a difference and no one else is doing it then that will pave the way to achieving our goals.  Now, you may ask what’s the purpose of a fashion brand beside make people look good?  The purpose for a fashion brand can be, for your audience to be in-touch with a specific culture, social empowerment of a specific audience, functionality that solves problem for a specific audience, or an identity for a specific audience.

Is fashion branding just about purpose? What other elements should have?

For me, branding is the manifestation that enforces a brand’s message, if done correctly, the brand message will amplify in a manner that can be truly hysterical and irrepressible, or capturing the emotion of the audience. Successful branding is all about being reflective in ways that articulates a powerful brand story and its core value, people sometimes call these core value that brand’s DNA, core values can be the heritage, culture, story, or values of the brand. One important is that this is also linked to the conception of the brand meaning why the founders started the brand and this goes to the purpose of the entrepreneur where I talked about earlier. Once you have a good product that has visible values, culture, and heritage and a great story behind it, then your brand will resonate.

One of Alan’s favorite quote

The words in the message are extremely powerful if put together in a manner that is relevant and amplify the core values of the brand. We must consider as a brand, do we educate, do we trigger hysterics, do we empower, or do we curate beautiful things. The message should be as visual as possible because it is easier to understand visual than words sometimes. It’s as simple as that, make everything relevant so that whatever you do resonates, and that’s it, amplification to extraordinarily proportions.

Thanks Alan for sharing with us!

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