I’m glad to send you the 11th issue of The Fashion Knowledge Reportâ„¢! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

Knowledge Nugget 1: This company, Looklet helps to reduce your product photoshoot time and money by utilizing their virtual studio. Their studio can let you mix and match garments, models, angle, and body types to help reduce time and money!

Check out Looklet here

Knowledge Nugget 2: Amazon has started a marketplace for hand-crafted products in Europe. Gives consumers more options but also a threat to Etsy.

Read about Amazon here

Knowledge Nugget 3: Its a dream for many people to be an entrepreneur and create a product or service people love, but many time people create a solution that’s looking for a problem. Can you put your unique value proposition in one sentence?

Read about value proposition here

Knowledge Nugget 4: Local Millennial designers’ featuring at Philippine’s Fashion Ball. Always interesting to see what young designers do especially from other parts of the World!

Check out the styles here

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