I’m thrill to have founder of Namu, Paola Zancanaro to share her journey with Namu Artisan Luxe! Namu is known for their beautiful bags and accessories using upcycled stingray skin from local fisherman in Indonesia!

How is using stingray skin be a sustainable material?
It is important to note that stingray is neither endangered nor threatened! Stingray is commonly fished as a primary food source throughout the Pacific Rim. The skin used to craft our Collection is bought directly from local fishermen, who would ordinarily dispose of it after preparing the meat for sale in the local market. By recycling the skins, we contribute to the local economy and like to think that we create a beautiful Collection!

What are the top three business challenges that are keeping you up at night?
Luckily I sleep peacefully at night but the followings are constant challenges that I embrace everyday:
1) Ensuring that the quality of my collection is always meeting my requirements! I can guarantee you they are very high!
2) Presenting to the market a Collection with an elegance that stands the test of time but yet has a fashion edge
3) Budget forecast! Launching an e-commerce is not like opening a brick an mortar boutique, less costs are involved but how to penetrate a virtual market that is so competitive and extensive!

How do you tackle these challenges?
My staff, suppliers and I are a team, we work together and we share our passions, knowledge and expertise. I learn everyday from them about their amazing artisanal skills and I share with them my “know out” acquired in the past 20 years of working in the high end fashion industry. This helps me to achieve a Collection that is both Artisan and luxurious, products that are different and target a niche of the market that seeks something different, unique that does not want to wear only branded items.

Regarding the penetrating the virtual market Artisanluxe is our constant tagline #, we believe that keeping traditional, artisan techniques alive is socially important and to offer to the market a luxurious product made by hand and not again by another machine. I create all the content on my own so the message is always consistent. I show product pictures but also images of people wearing my collection and not only models. I also try to interact with the clients by posting short 24 hours videos, fun graphics and boomerang posts.

It takes a lot of determination to be an entrepreneur, what is keep fueling your determination and keeps you going despite tough times?
I believe in our Collection and that the market is saturated with products that look very similar to each other; millennials are seeking for different products, one of a kind. Each of our pieces are different from each other as dyed and crafted by hands – they are unique



Paola shows us that being a sustainable brand can be chic, luxurious, and cool also! This is going to be a trend going forward! Again thank you so much for Paola in sharing her story with us!

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