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In this issue of the¬†The Fashion Knowledge Report‚ĄĘ I¬†asked 10 university students who currently studying fashion in China on how they foresee the future of fashion in terms of functionality and material, and what else the¬†fashion market can provide to consumers. Their responses were quite interesting as they see functions and sustainability are the way to go!
For sure heated garment will be a popular item in the future,  so that can keep you warm and feeling light in the winter The garment of the future will be interactive like having a smart phone integrated to it but yet detachable for easy washing. Smart clothing in the future will have special functions such as body slimming function, heating and massage function for the menstrual cycle, or even self-cleaning function that decrease fresh water usage!
Zhu, Chen, and Xu, Donghua University

I see¬†that people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger so¬†recycled¬†or¬†environmental friendly fabrics will be the big thing¬†in the future.¬† Fabrics will be more¬†easy to care and clean and less¬†dry clean only cause it isn’t good for the environment. As an animal lover maybe in the future animal leather will be mostly replaced by man-made leather that has good breathability and softness or¬†replaced by plant based vegan leather. I also can see consumer behavior will change towards more willing to spend a little more on natural dyeing and ecofriendly clothing.
Evonne, Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

I foresee electronics and clothing merge together into our everyday wear. Technology like E-ink and flexible OLED will be used on clothing because they can change color easily and open up more possibilities for fashion designers!  
Elton, Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

I see the future will have more ecofriendly fabric and fabric that is good for your body like having skin nourishing feature and such. Function wise I see future clothing will be better fitted for each person not like how it is all in standardize sizes now. I also think future clothing will have a lot of sensors to measure the changes happening on our body.
Lemon, Taihu University of Wuxi

The future of clothing will be more functional but yet¬†lightweight and thin so that we can wear the same lightweight and thin layer in winter as in summer.¬† People don’t¬†really want to wear heavy and bulky clothes in the winter. These clothing will have technologies like stain resistance, scratch resistance, temperature regulation, etc.
WangLi, Taihu University of Wuxi

Design and materials improvements will increase the functionality and the look of the clothing. Right now, a lot of styles emphasized on functions over design so the styles end up not looking very nice and fashionable. Gen Z is interested in buying into function and technology but the look and comfort are equally important!
Jojo, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Future of clothing will look good and trendy but also has function like temperature regulating, scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy care, anti-thief, etc. They will have functions that are needed for modern daily lives. Most importantly it will be made with eco-friendly material and sustainable .
MengYao, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 

More resistant to water and more breathable fabrics. Highly elastic fabrics that has no deformation. Manmade fiber that looks and feel like natural fiber but has anti-wrinkle, quick-drying, antibacterial, waterproof, breathable feature and also eco-friendly. Sustainable fiber may also replace some the non sustainable fibers we currently using.
Fabrics that keep you not too hot not too cold so that down jackets can be thinner and lighter. Clothes will probably be made with some kind of 3D printer and you can adjust the color and styling or fabric by just a few clicks.

Xi, Hubei Polytechnic University

Functional clothing is quite popular already but I see the future will be incorporating electronics and customize¬† like Nike Mag sneakers. Future Gen Z is more open to new fabric technology and that’s an big opportunity for brands and designers to introduce these items.
Zhao, Chongqing Technology & Business University
I think the future clothing can not only help us to guard against extreme weather or harsh environment but also can be a source of energy and have medical treatment functions. Clothing that make with sustainable material and methods will be the future along with technology that may change the look and feel on-demand so that we can buy less. We now use a lot of water to do our laundry so material that has self-cleaning will be great.
LuoSi, Shandong University of Art & Design

A lot of my friends love trying on new clothes in the shops. They see that as a self-discovery process, a process where trying on this clothes in the fitting room and buying them help them to discover self-confidence and our own personality. So I think the future fashion shops will have give us more enhanced experiences on this. I also see that the materials we use will be more and more sustainable and eco-friendly as this is the future and also what the Chinese Government is promoting.
Hongling, Fuzhou University

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