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I’m glad to send you the latest issue of The Fashion Knowledge Report™! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

Knowledge Nugget 1: Hightech changing room is becoming more and more popular, this company Alerttech is helping shop owners to improve customer overall experience starting from changing room.

Check out Alerttech website here

Knowledge Nugget 2: Son of a diplomat from Liberia who grew up in the USA returned to his home to start a fair trade garment factory to help local women in a war torn and Ebola devastated country.

Read about the story here

Knowledge Nugget 3: There are a lot of talks about location based beacon technology that will help offline retailers but recent study from CNBC gives us more insight about the adoption of the technology.

Read about beacon here

Knowledge Nugget 4: The Shanghai Intertextile Show in March is adding another hall…I just think the show is already too big and too short as you can’t see all the things you want!

Read about the expansion here

Knowledge Nugget 5: Have you considered using rail to ship your goods from China to Europe? There are some forwarders in China currently is offering this service!

Read about the rail option here

We will be sending out this report about every two weeks.  If you are facing some challenges on your fashion business then just email me at vincent@thefashionknowledgenetwork.com ! Check out my website here!

Vincent Djen

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