I’m glad to send you the 8th issue of The Fashion Knowledge Reportâ„¢! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

Knowledge Nugget 1: Your front line employees can be one of the biggest asset your brand can have because they engage with your customers everyday! See how some of the brands empower these front line employees.

Read about these brands here

Knowledge Nugget 2: These two young men story on starting up their jeans brand in Wichita, Kansas is quite inspiring! .

Read about the jeans startup here

Knowledge Nugget 3: Email marketing is still a powerful tool in getting your message our to your audience, here is just some of the best practice on contextual email marketing.

Read about contextual marketing here

We will be sending out this report about two weeks. If you have any ideas for articles, or you want to give us feedback, respond to this message by emailing me at vincent@thefashionknowledgenetwork.com. We also encourage you to share this email with your friends and associates in the fashion industry, so they can subscribe to our list as well.

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