We are pleased to send you the 6th issue of The Fashion Knowledge Report™! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

In this issue, I’m thrill to have the chance to interview Erik Lindtorp, founder of Sweden based Woolly Bear Organic Apparel!

1) Can you tell us what Woolly Bear all about?

Woolly Bear® believes in innovative organic solutions in every aspect of production. We do this through people that believe in what we believe thus creating a sustainable life cycle chain. Woolly Bear wants to satisfy the modern lifestyle like no one else, so that people get the fashion they desire, the quality they deserve and the opportunity they want to make a change for a more sustainable World. In the future you can expect a wide range of products.

2) What kind of obstacles you ran into in running and marketing organic apparel?

First obstacle is teaching our customer what 100% organic really means for Woolly Bear®. Organic is a word with lots of meaning and alternations so we always start explaining why we do what we do. Communicating this information online to the audience is something we find difficult compare to doing it offline. Another obstacle is manufacturing what we call 100% organic apparel is very demanding on the logistics and supply-chain. It’s because finding a button, sewing thread, fibers, dying facilities, spinning, weaving, shipping ,labels, packing,quality control, etc according to our environmental requirements is not through one supplier, it’s through over 150 suppliers! Finally, finding pioneers and early adopters that want to be a part of what we believe in either inside our business or buying our products is not easy.

3) How did you overcome the obstacles above?

Actually there isn’t necessarily a way to solve the above mentioned obstacles. It’s a matter of having the right and positive mindset and good communication among people. Also, having a proper business system has been vital in keeping track of all shipments. In manufacturing processes we solve a lot of our obstacles at the production site and we only work with facilities that we have visited to assure the site meets our demand. Lastly, we believe in 100% organic innovations in every aspect of production and we know that it’s hard work. Our aim is to have clear and consistent marketing communicating our belief throughout our marketing channels.

4) If you can go back in time what would you do differently?

Woolly Bear® has always created it’s own path throughout the business but there is a balance between trying something new/innovative or asking experts for help. I guess if we could go back in time we would be able to speed up a few aspects in the production chain that would have put Woolly Bear® on the map sooner. But still, we are very happy with the way we have managed to find our own way to make what Woolly Bear® is today. Also, read about the life cycle of the arctic caterpillar Woolly Bear here and you will understand where we get our inspiration from! 🙂

Big thanks to Erik for contributing to this newsletter!!!

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