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I’m super excited to have Lucy Yu, an ecommerce strategy veteran to share with us on this issue of The Fashion Knowledge Report™! This regular publication will provide you with ideas, strategies and information to help you succeed in your fashion business.

Having an ecommerce strategy is a must for today’s fashion brands but what strategy works and what not? There has been a lot written about selling fashion on Facebook or using SEO but not enough on leading platforms like Alibaba’s Taobao/Tmall and Amazon so I decided to reach out to my friend Lucy to share some examples. These ideas can also be applied to your own webshops too!

Platforms like Taobao/Tmall and Amazon getting more and more expensive, so for young fashion brands what are most cost effective tactics you can use to get more traffic and conversions?

One of best thing about Taobao/Tmall is that seller can have control on the look and feel of the store. Taobao will give each store auto tagging, this tags will display on the customized frontpage of the APP or website tailored to the specific users shopping habits. The brand’s message and the product categories will determine which specific consumer segment will see your product. So product itself has to have good product description and product quality. Store design and layout has to give a wow experience and make sure the content In the store is every enticing, the content should speaks about the brand culture and value, and the product description has to be spot in order to get free traffic.
Here’s an example of what a good Taobao brand store looks:

Bulibuting Is one of the early success story of a brand that used content marketing very well. The brand story is about simplicity, artsy lifestyle, and audience that loves art and fictional novels. The founder did it be writing pieces of essay based on his traveling experience and posted it on douban.com (a site for book lovers and movie reviews)the brand then got massive awareness and traffic. The imagery on the site is all related to cozy simple living with artsy caption and able to capture the emotional part of consumers.

The combination of having the right captions and photos express the Brand’s DNA very clearly

Attention to detail, having cozy and emotional product detail descriptions really reinforce the brand’s identity and story.

Crossover with other brands to increase brand awareness

Not just about selling products, books and movies recommendations give customers a 360 degree brand experience.

Using social media like Weibo, Wechat, to drive traffic onto your Taobao’s store.

Weibo and Wechat are two very good channels for getting traffic to your Taobao store. Some of the best methods are:

  • Live streaming, live stream is like vlogging and TV shopping combine together, this can really increase engagement with the audience by showing things like how to mix and match, product detail, and fabric performance.
  • Sharing rewards, reward users for sharing your content in order to gain more awareness.
  • New brand can try to use influencers to help their brand launch and promotion if the budgets allows.
  • Build your own Wechat community and engage with them with new product launch or other relevant engaging topics

Eve, One of the top influencer in China.

Now when it comes to Amazon, Amazon is about creating value for consumers so the main focus is quality of the product and the customer reviews for the product. As long as the seller can provide quality product and service while meeting consumer’s real needs then it can get a ton of traffic so it is very important to have the right product selection.

Customer reviews is probably the most important part of selling on Amazon.

What’s the best way to use sponsor ads on Amazon and Taobao?  Can you give us examples in terms of picking the right product, right copy, and image?

Amazon and Taobao both has paid traffic options and just like Google adwords, key to the success is to constantly optimize your pics, keywords, and product to get more views.

Here are the steps

  1. Figure out which main display image you want to use for the product and then see the click rate and conversion on the specific photo, do a/b testing and see which one has the highest engagement and adjust accordingly
  2. Use a lot of long tail keywords to increase the chances of being searched and adjust the keyword structure accordingly.
  3. Have multiple strategy based on different tags and demographics
  4. Need to monitor everyday to eliminate low conversion or click rate keywords or strategy in order to save time and money.

At the end of day honest seller with good quality products will be the winner and make sure you are not trying to game their code of conduct cause you risk your store to be closed by the platform!

Thanks Lucy!!!

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